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Apprenticeships in Scotland is now EarlyCareers.Scot

Apprenticeships in Scotland is now EarlyCareers.Scot… What does this mean?

The Apprenticeships in Scotland was founded to ensure young people in Scotland had a dedicated channel to provide them with easy access to the latest news and job opportunities in their area.

What is ‘Early Career’?
‘Early Career’ is a general term for the early stages of your working life and the first steps of your career path. There are no fixed ages associated with ‘Early Career’ but it starts with your first work experiences and ends some years later when you realise you are now in mid-career. There are few barriers to what you can do or what you can achieve in your Early Career. It’s a time to go for it!

In some sectors and for many employers, ‘Early Career’ can also describe the entry point and early stages of your development as a professional. These roles are usually called Apprentice, Trainee, Graduate, Intern, Placement or Early Career ‘x’. Just to keep things interesting, you can also start an ‘Early Career’ role when you yourself are in mid or late career.

With fresh Early Career opportunities now available from Sky, PwC and QA, now is a great time to explore and apply: